Chuck – Episode 4-17 Recap

Wow, I haven’t had this much fun with an episode of Chuck since the Sarah-centric episode a while back. “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil” doesn’t have much plot, but it brings the character of Vivian McArthur, teased last week as Volkoff’s possible successor, full-circle.

The episode moves quickly, with Chuck, Sarah, and Vivian in and out of the bank, before the final bank heist which was pretty much that scene from The Matrix. Ray Wise, who was, incidentally, the Devil on Reaper, manages to sway Vivian in the end, and Chuck is well on its way to another epic confrontation. Like pretty much everything on the show, the transition felt a little rushed since Vivian didn’t really do much investigating on her own, but it gets the job done and the plot moves along.

There is a tiny bit of Buy More stuff, which wasn’t particularly funny but advanced the plot. Casey is now on other assignments, and Morgan knows something is up. Tying into his search for a place to stay, Morgan essentially blackmails (although Casey is one who actually states the offer) Casey into letting him stay at his place in exchange for silence.

After being largely ambivalent about her wedding, Sarah finds the perfect wedding dress and is well on her way to becoming a bridezilla. Chuck has problems with the cost, but shouldn’t the CIA foot the bill for their services?

Score: 9.0/10