Fairly Legal – Episode 1-6 Review

Even though many people don’t seem to agree (falling ratings), I really look forward to Fairly Legal each week. It’s not a complex show, with mediocre plots and basic characters, but it moves fast and Sarah Shahi has tons of energy.

“Believers” has a case about an inventor of a e-reader who hasn’t finished his product yet, Kate teaches DAs about mediation, and Leo gets to sketch a girl who models for him. None of it is particularly deep or good, for that matter, but it’s nice entertainment.

Lauren didn’t speak once with Kate in the episode and had my own thing. I get that she’s important in Kate’s life, but if she’s not doing anything directly related to Kate, why should we care? And these subplots keep reinforcing the fact that Lauren loved Ted without introducing anything new.

Score: 8.4/10