House – Episode 7-14 Review

“Recession Proof” has certain signs that things could turn ugly–House licking a Vicodin pill, a patient dying, lots of drinking, and lastly, House telling Cuddy that being with her makes him a worse doctor (Yes, there is no evidence for this and it’s completely random but whatever–manufactured drama is better than no drama.). Then things turn back towards the House of season seven, with House proclaiming his undying love for Cuddy, Cuddy sighing and generally accepting House for who he is. Now we’re back where the episode start, House and Cuddy in this lovey-dovvey relationship the writers aren’t even going to have multi-episode drama for.

A stated earlier, a patient dies, but it’s no one’s fault, as there have only been 1000 reported cases. Why House thinks it has to do with Cuddy baffles him, especially when he’s lost patients before (and House tells Wilson these previous cases).

On the plus side, the pairings of Chase/Masters and Taub/Foreman are pretty benign, with a couple amusing moments for Taub and Foreman, and some more serious moments for Chase and Martha, including a call-back to the Dibala debacle. But, as always, they take a backseat to House, who has gotten increasingly less interesting.

Score: 8.1/10