How I Met Your Mother – Episode 6-18 Recap

“A Change of Heart” is a funny episode, detailing Barney’s journey through love with corresponding heartbeat measure. However, as Barney finds himself wanting more than the usual with Nora, I can’t help but be reminded of Barney and Robin. In a general sense, this episode shows that Barney is capable of more than sex, but hasn’t that happened before? In a more specific way, it shows that Barney loves Nora, but the eventual ending of the episode would seem to suggest a change in Barney’s outlook towards women in general versus Nora. I want to see the writers’ full intentions before passing too much judgment.

The final scene heads towards what looks like a joyful reunion, as we see Barney enter the restaurant and explain everything to Nora. But then we see what really happened, Barney look inside before walking away. I guess Barney and Nora is over before it really started. More Barney and Robin?

The only other subplot this week was Robin’s friend, Scooby, who, like his namesake, is a dog, and not just figuratively. He’s kind of like a dog in a human’s body like that terrible Tim Allen movie. It makes for tons of dog jokes, including the characters spit-firing words with double meanings.

Score: 8.8/10