Mark Wahlberg Wants to Do Fighter Sequel

The former Calvin Klein model is sitting pretty after the project he shepherded for years finally became a reality. The Fighter, a drama about the relationship between boxer Micky Ward and his drug-addicted brother, Dicky, and manager mother, walked away from Sunday night’s Oscar telecast with a pair of awards. One for Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor and the other for Melissa Leo for Supporting Actress. With a respectable box office, you can understand why Wahlberg would want to finish Micky Ward’s story.

On the red carpet Sunday, Wahlberg told Extra that they “we’re gonna talk about doing No. 2.” The sequel would chronicle the hellacious bouts Ward had with Arturo Gatti. The trilogy they had were both very lucrative and very brutal for both men. The fighters had to have medical attention (as in being admitted to a hospital for treatment) after the encounters.

Granted it’s just talk for the time being, but considering how well audiences responded to Micky Ward and his eccentric family they would love to revisit these characters on the big screen in some form or fashion. And to get an idea of how the Ward/Gatti matches will play out, check out this YouTube clip:

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Source: The Playlist