NFL: Plaxico Burress’ Status With The New York Giants

Tom Coughlin had no real answers regarding the soon-to-be-released Plaxico Burress’ possible reuniting with his former team. Plaxico was cut from the Giants following his 2008 arrest for illegal gun possession in a New York City club. According to Coughlin, it hasn’t been discussed “much” but “I don’t know that there would be interest on the part of the Giants. I don’t know that there won’t be but I don’t know if there will be.”

The Giants’ receiving situation is much better now than it was following Plaxico’s release, after having added Hakeem Nicks as a deep threat, but Eli Manning’s tendency to miss high was often covered up by Burress’ massive height. The Giants are more likely to address their running backs before worrying about adding a fourth wide receiver to their corps.

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Source: ESPN New York