Parks and Recreation – Episode 3-6 Review

“Indianapolis” begins with two separate plots and then merges them to great effect, as the group, Ben included, come together in the end. Leslie and Ron head off to Indianapolis to receive a reward–and stop by Chris’s house, which Leslie, on Ann’s orders, searches for evidence of cheating and finds a woman’s razor and swimming cap. Then, Ann arrives to confront him. The kicker? Chris had already broke up with her, except he was too enthusiastic for Ann to realize that.

Meanwhile, Tom tries to promote his cologne, which smells like Chinese food (though Tom is clueless to this), and fails miserably. It allows for Tom and Ben to bond, and it makes sense since Ben will probably be around for a long time. April and Andy are off doing their own thing, scamming people of money as a competition. They put the ill-gotten cash into the tip jar, so it’s okay in the end–kind of.

Ron Swanson and no meat becomes a complete disaster. Get him some protein ASAP! Does anyone know how much eggs and bacon restaurants have on hand?

Score: 9.2/10