Shameless – Episode 1-8 Review

Because the original Shameless only had seven episodes in the first season, the writers have to come up with a lot on their own, and while they take a bit from the second season, for the most part, there’s lots of new content, which drives the show in another direction.

Things with Steve took a huge turn when it’s revealed he has another life–and woman. Debbie is on the case, however, so this should be interesting. Meanwhile, we see Fiona working in sketchy sports bar, struggling to keep up.

The plot this week is that Frank is offered money to be sober for two weeks. We see that sober Frank is actually a good parent and knows to take care about his kids, but he’s steal an idiot, pulling the copper wire out of the wall. So we see this other side of Frank, not drunk but still without common sense. And at the end of the day, it’s better to have a drunk Frank in the present instead of a sober Frank who’ll raise expectations before crushing them.

Kev was really virtuous (relatively speaking), actually caring about the wacko cult girl instead of wanting to toss her out like Veronica wanted to. There are tons of funny things they can do with her.

Score: 8.7/10