Supernatural – Episode 6-15 Review

Because Supernatural is a fantasy/horror show which pushes the boundaries all the time, an episode like “The French Mistake” isn’t too out of the box. After the string of funny episodes last season, we’re kind of accustomed to the writers pulling these incredible ideas out of the box. But for most other shows, an episode portraying the characters in an alternate universe as their real-life selves would be too much, although I would do anything to see more normal shows do this kind of episode.

“The French Mistake” has a little plot tacked on the beginning and the end–and it’s actually pertinent–but I’m sure no viewer cared after the laugh riot in between. Epic acting fails, “Eric Kripke” gunned down, Jared Padalecki married to Genevieve Cortese (as he is in real life), Mischa Collins tweeting, and the hilariously twisted world at large, with hilarious lines constantly coming from all the producers. What more could you ask for?

Score: 10/10