The Chicago Code – Episode 1-4 Review

So far, we’ve heard numerous voiceovers to explain the backstories of the good guys. “Cabrini-Green” dives into Gibbons voiceovers, spanning the entire episode. The weird thing is, everything he says in his voiceover goes contrary to his action in the episode. It also brings up another point: who are these voiceovers for? If they’re actually spoken to a camera crew, you can expect Gibbons to lie, but if these are just thoughts in his head, he’s either really sociopathic or just delusional.

While Gibbons talks about being a great guy who cares about the people, his intentions are exactly the opposite. Every move is intended to advance his agenda, whether it’s knocking down Cabrini-Green, shooting Big Monster, or buying an X-Box for the kid he shot.

The case this week is a string of bombs left across town, which leaves everyone very tense. There are several twists and turns along the way, and like the previous cases it moves fast and is engaging.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really got a kick out of Argyle getting busted at the end. He is, of course, based off leftist scumbag Bill Ayers, who helped plan several bombings back in the day (though he always makes the lame excuses about responsibility). While it’s not touched on in the episode, it’s pathetic that tons of important figures and institutions have defended trash like him through the years. He’s a terrorist. Why does he get a fucking pass? Rant over.

Score: 8.8/10