The Rager – Michael Cole, HHH, Undertaker and The Rock

Welcome, one and all, to the first Inside Pulse Wrestling edition of The Rager. I am your humble host, Chris, and basically I’m here to discuss the matters of the week within the wrestling world that have caught my eye.

First off, I’d like to rage a bit about the Jerry The King Lawler and Michael Cole feud. The Raw following the death of Lawler’s mother, I applauded the WWE with the way they handled it. They managed to let Miz and Cole show some sort of compassion while still in character and still managing to maintain their heat. However, they threw all that out the window with Cole’s interview last Monday night. I understand that WWE probably never would have planned such a thing without getting the approval of Lawler but I suppose I really was hoping that the thought never would’ve even crossed the writing staff’s collective minds. I obviously was wrong and I should’ve known seeing as how just a short while ago they pulled the fake suicide attempt by CM Punk which REALLY got under my skin (but that’s another rage for another time). The lastest twist (Spoiler alert) is that their match at Wrestlemania, Cole’s trainer will be Jack Swagger and he gets to pick the guest referee (I’m guessing Alex Riley?). Throwing Swagger in kinda makes me scratch my head but its the WWE, its what they do best.

(Side Rager) Was it just me or was Cole strangely anti-Miz on Raw?

Next rage: HHH vs. Undertaker. After HHH’s segment and the Shawn Michaels’ video from Raw, its now very apparent that they’re going to use their friendship as HHH’s motivation to challenge Taker. I know a lot of people were down on that idea because its obvious and predictable but thats why it works for me. I think its perfect because it IS obvious. Before last week, predictions were swirling all over the place as to who Undertaker would face and very few mentioned HHH as a possible opponent, including myself. i personally kinda bought into the Taker vs. Sting rumor or I thought they would pick up the rivalry with Kane (thank God that’s not the case). However, now I really believe HHH is the only person that should face him because of the avenging Shawn Michaels storyline. It works for me and I’m excited for it.

Third rage: I’m loving the Cena/Miz/The Rock three-way tango that’s going on. I know there is absolutely no way The Rock will wrestle again so I, personally, am not entertaining those thoughts. I understand that McMahon is just trying to pull all the stops to make sure Wrestlemania sells big. However, what interests me the most about all this is the fact that Rock and Cena or so concentrated on each other right now that Miz is kind of an after-thought and now Miz is taking matters into his own hands. I really do like how Miz is not allowing himself to be left in the shuffle and forgotten (such as attacking Daniel Bryan just because he could). I’m really hoping the Alex Riley firing is for real because I believe its definitely time for Miz to fend for himself and really prove his worth.

Final Rage: WWE is really lucking out with the returns. Within a few months we got Booker T (but please, no more commentating, I’m begging you), Kevin Nash, Christian, Undertaker, HHH and now Evan Bourne all just in time for Wrestlemania. I’d really hate to be a struggling wrestling organization thats trying to compete with WWE right about now…just sayin’.

Closing Random Thought: How come the post office doesn’t have more bathrooms? My father asked me to mention that in my “blog thing” tonight. I told him that it was a column about wrestling and he gave me a look that was like, “….so?” That’s for you, Pops, and I wish I had an answer for you.

If there’s anything in the wrestling world you’re raging about or if you want to talk about what I’ve raged about, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll see you next week!

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