10 Thoughts On… Survivor Redemption Island Episode 3 Review

1. Boston Rob is better than Russell. Period. I can already see the e-mails coming in telling me about Hantz’s back-to-back finale performances, that was then and this is now. Rob lasted longer.

2. While many will criticize the Zapatera decision to throw the immunity challenge, I think it was the right call. They do not want to risk a twist or merge carrying three people that are completely against them.

3. I think that Julie should have sided with Russell. Strategically, she would be last on both alliances but this would have been a powerful strike to show everyone that she was there to play. The fact that she even considered it makes me appreciate her more as a player.

4. Boston Rob willing to learn from prior mistakes is a telling sign. I loved when he found the hidden immunity idol. Hopefully this won’t be Heroes vs. Villains all over again.

5. While I have nothing to base this on, I really believe David is the mastermind at Zapatera. I think that he came up with the idea to throw the challenge, and he was placed in the enviable position of having to throw the final puzzle by himself (and therefore assume most of the blame). He handled it like a champion.

6. The first Redemption Island duel was some of the most exciting television I have ever seen. I really thought Francesca had it for the majority of the challenge and it was very exciting. Most fans believe Francesca would have been better to return to the game because she has more personality than her blonde opponent. I can’t say I disagree.

7. I wish we would have gotten more Phillip in this episode.

8. This season now becomes the story of Andrea. All of the editing points to her being the most influential player in the game. Will she stay with Rob? Will she turn and join Zapatera? What happens if Matt reenters the game. Redemption Island might as well stand for Random Lake because this show is all about Andrea right now.

9. I wonder what would have happened if some potential Survivor players that made the final round of casting were named Rob or Russell? Immediately out? Surely in this season, they wouldn’t cast another Rob or another Russell.

10. Enjoy watching Boston Rob play the game he created and defined. It’s like getting to see Hank Aaron swing a bat or Wayne Gretzky score another goal.