Lights Out – Episode 1-8 Review

After the fight last week, Lights Out took an entire episode to set the table for the rest of the season, introducing Ed Romeo (Eamonn Walker), Reynold’s former trainer, as Lights’s new trainer. The other storylines, with exception of a boring “will Ava realize her potential???” plot in the background, are entirely still this week.

Ed Romeo is a fascinating character, played with great finesse by Walker. His thin, gravelly voice and firm dedication gives him a certain magical aura that makes us trust him. And after hearing the story of being wronged by Reynolds, it’s hard not to feel for him. At the same time, though, he might be a little wacko, indicated by the long scars on his arms he inflicted upon himself after being fired. While Ed’s idea to change Lights’s mindset sounds good, and could potentially work in the long run, the problem, says Pops, is that Lights can’t undergo a complete change with the fight looming. Personally, Ed’s romanticized view of boxing, completely throwing yourself into the endeavor, sounds great and like Lights, I bought it pretty quickly.

Score: 9.1/10