NCIS – Episode 8-17 Review

“One Last Score” feels like an NCIS episode, with the usual charm for the character interactions and an interesting case as well. I make this point because the episode is directed by Michael Weatherly who obviously isn’t a full-time director. He probably won’t be directing too much, but at least he knows what to do with NCIS.

The final scene is kind of irritating. EJ and Tony’s faces are close together, and then… the episode ends. After all the unresolved teases about Tony and Ziva (especially the supremely ambiguous line about Paris), we better get a clear answer about EJ and Tony next week. But even if the writers once again hold back on explicitly telling us, EJ makes for an interesting character since she the position Tony could have had. Already, that dredges up the past, with Tony admitting that Gibbs took the position away from him.

Score: 8.8/10