Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 03.01.2011 – SEASON FINALE: Johnny Curtis vs. Brodus Clay

It’s so hard to say goodbye..to NXT. But at the crossroads are we. And friends, what a ride it’s been. After 13 weeks, we finally get to see who our new breakout Season 4 rookie is, and they and their pro will receive a tag team title shot. Let’s jump into this, shall we?

Stryker brings in the noise. And the pros. R-Truth, after his own introduction, brings in his rookie finalist, Johnny Curtis. Oh, that suction noise? That’s the charisma vacuum that is Curtis. Ricardo Rodriguez gets introduced and brings in our other rookie finalist, Brodus Clay. That suction noise? That’s the food vacuum that is Clay. Stryker is in the ring with the rookie finalists and their respective pros. They both get a chance to explain why they deserve the coveted title of season 4 NXT winner. Curtis starts, and says something about kicking teeth down Clay’s throat. Clay’s next, and his promo is actually a rather qualifying heel promo. Haven’t seen that much potential from Clay….ever. Ok, ring the bell.

Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis

A failed lookup leads to Curtis being thrown to the outside. Curtis climbs back on the apron and hits a few punches on Clay. He knocks Clay into the corner, gets back in the ring, attempts a cross body, but gets caught by the big man. Clay attempts a powerslam, which gets reversed, but Clay gets a choke on Curtis. Curtis gets a few kicks in, then attempts a flying clothesline, but gets caught by Clay’s throat thrust. An elbow by Clay into a


We’re back to Clay getting a nerve hold on Curtis’s shoulder. Curtis fights out, hits the ropes, but gets caught with the kitchen sink. Clay hits a fallaway slam for a nearfall. He goes back to that patented nerve hold. Curtis fights back, this time hitting a jawbreaker, but Clay punches the comeback down. Curtis gets backed into a corner. Clay then messes with Truth, attempts a running splash, and misses. Curtis fires with some European uppercuts and a dropkick to the shins. A few kicks later, and Curtis goes to the top, only to get tossed off by Clay. The big man hits a running splash for the pin.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall

Afterward, Clay taunts Truth, who takes his shirt off in preparation for….nothing. Curtis and Truth leave for Clay to celebrate in the ring.

Backstage antics with Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman. I really am loving this duo. Seriously, this is like a progressive, face version of Miz and Mizfit.


We get a recap of the Rock’s response from Raw. Here are a few words I had about the situation on Kue’s Korner Lite.


Derrick Bateman/Conor O’Brian vs. Jacob Novak/Byron Saxton

Bateman starts it off heavy with a dropkick. He hits a snapmare and spinal tap and tags in O’Brian. The rat has a hammerlock on Novak, who breaks it up and tags in Saxton. Saxton gets a few shoulder thrusts, but gets caught in a snapmare and eats a kick to the head for a nearfall. O’Brian gets backed into the opposing corner, where Novak gets a cheap shot. Saxton gets a few kicks in before tagging in Novak, who hits some elbows for a nearfall. Curtis tries a comeback, but gets knocked down and stomped on the corner for the nearfall. Novak then applies a chinlock. O’Brian fights back with an arm drag reversal. Before O’Brian can make the tag, though, Saxton gets one from Novak and attempts to cut off O’Brian. Eventually, Bateman gets the hot tag and cleans house with a few punches and a belly to back for the nearfall on Saxton. Saxton hits an inverted jawbreaker out of nowhere and tries to tag Novak, who leaves Saxton high and dry. Bateman hits an inverted facecrusher for the pin.

Winner: Derrick Bateman/Conor O’Brian via pinfall

Raw Recap. Promo heavy? No doubt. But still a rather decent edition of Monday Night Raw.

HBK’s video package about HHH/Taker. I love how genuine Shawn feels while giving his speech about the two ‘Mania opponents.

We’re back to Curtis, Clay, and Stryker in the middle of the ring. We’re about to announce the winner of Season 4 who ends up being….Johnny fucking Curtis? Really? Clay looks like he’s crying in the corner. Truth tells us to take a look at the real tears and emotions coming from Curtis’s face. Because wrestling is fake, get it? Curtis gets the microphone, calls Brodus Clay over and they hug. Aww, cute. Curtis gives a heartfelt acceptance speech, thanking his fans and his hometown-knowning pro, Truth. Clay gets a chance to speak. He blames the WWE Universe for taking away his dream, and he promises to return the favor by destroying the heroes of the WWE. The promo was actually quite good. Take a look at it when you get the chance. Well, that means the number one contenders for the tag titles are Johnny Curtis and….oh God, no.

Well, besides that debacle of a future title match, we actually came out with some pretty decent results. The season spawned potential players in Clay, Saxton and Bateman. Let’s see where this takes them. To “Superstars” and beyond!

I’m your recapper, Jonah Kue, and remember to catch my column, “Kue’s Korner”, tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you, guys and dolls.


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