Spoiler Warnings: The Cause Of The Sector 666 Massacre Revealed In Green Lantern #63

Going through the pages of the Book of the Black, the lost chapters of the Book of Oa, the New Guardians come across verse six….Manhunters.

Long ago Krona was running form the Manhunters with a green backpack and gauntlet. Accepting his fear and overcoming it is enough for Krona’s eyes to go green and for an energy flare in the shape of the Green Lantern emblem to appear. The Manhunters after him are destroyed, but he does manage to reprogram all of them from the remains of one. No longer is the creed “No one escapes the Manhunters”, now it is “No man escapes the Manhunters.”

The reprogramming sent the Manhunters to sector 666 and led to the mass extermination that left Atrocitus the last survivor.

Krona was captured by the Guardians after, but his point was proven…at least to him. He wept for days over his part in the slaughter of billions, but the rest of his people felt nothing. He tells them that they have no concept of fear or will, that it’s useless to them, but to beware it…his power….

The Lantern’s Light.

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