10 Thoughts On… American Idol Top 12 Girls Performance Episode Review

1. Thought Ta-Tynisia’s performance of “Only Girl” was mediocre. Good in parts, but overall I didn’t like it. Still better than most of the guys though.

2. OMG, WHAT was up with Naima’s INSANE dance moves before Summertime?! I thought Summertime was a dark song, at least when Fantasia sang it? Very good though. You bring color by J-Lo was hilariously offensive comment.

3. Kendra was better than expected. Leather pants! Amazing voice. #winning

4. I felt wrong watching Rachel. Anyone else?

5. Karen was good.

6. I have liked Lauren since the Vegas week.

7. I love Julie and she is my favorite girl and the hottest, but why are her dresses always so damn big? Judges were not impressed at all, but I liked her.

8. Haley did great with “Fallin.” Randy was way off. Song didn’t do anything for her? Please. And you are praising all these other people. Steven Tyler luckily saw through it. Loved his line, “if I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.”

9. Thia and Lauren A were spectacular. The 15-year olds outclassed pretty much everybody.

10. Pia came out of nowhere to own the night. Clearly, the last three performances were the best three. And certainly, the girls were better than the guys were the day before.