American Graffiti rolling onto Blu-ray!

Before changing the face of Science Fiction with Star Wars, George Lucas made a little film about high school kids on the verge of graduating High School in a small Northern California town in 1962: American Graffiti.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the seminal film will be arriving on Blu-ray on May 31 (just in time for graduation).

With one of the best all-star casts of “Before They Were Stars” types, the film features early performances from Richard Dreyfuss, a post-Andy Griffith Show Ron Howard, Cindy Williams and even a cameo appearance by a young Harrison Ford. It would later become the influence for Happy Days.

This special-edition BD, which carries a suggested list price of $26.98, will prominently feature a new picture-in-picture video commentary with director George Lucas.

The complete Special features include:

Video commentary with director George Lucas
The Music of American Graffiti
The Making of American Graffiti
Screen Tests
Theatrical Trailer
My Scenes
Pocket BLU App

I remember my dad sharing this film with me when I was in high school and I instantly fell in love with it. Despite my love for all things Star Wars this is honestly George Lucas’ finest directorial effort and a film completely worthy of a Blu-ray release.

Artwork has yet to be revealed, but Amazon does have it listed on its website with a current price of $24.49. That price will surely go down between now and its May release.

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