Criminal Minds – Episode 6-17 Review

 Paget Brewster hasn’t hopped on a new pilot yet, but she is looking for a new show. With this in mind, “Valhalla” and its concluding episode may well be her last episodes on the show. And if that’s the case, Paget certainly does an admirable job, balancing Prentiss’s fear of what may happen and her stern desire to succeed on her own.
The episode hinges on Emily not telling the team her secret, and even lying to them about her deep involvement. Of course, the explanation is that Emily doesn’t want to put her team in harm’s way and keep her guilt to herself, but it doesn’t make much sense. The team is on to Doyle—they know his name and will soon get his information. What does Emily have to lose by bringing them into the loop and getting them to a conclusion they’ll eventually discover on their own?
Aside from this confusing behavior, the episode is really great with constant tension between Emily and the rest of the team while Doyle’s kill count continues upward. I excited to see how this is concluded. The only thing I worry is that the writers make a colossal misstep while writing Emily out, creating a ridiculous reason like with JJ.
Score: 9.1/10