Justified – Episode 2-4 Review

Up until the second season, Tim and Rachel have been non-factors, characters that filled the space behind Raylan. They were there, always tagging along, but we didn’t know who they were or what drives them. Last week’s episode had lots of Tim, and this week’s episode, “For Blood or Money,” has lots of Rachel, with the escape of her brother-in-law who killed her sister (according to Rachel, because the origins of drug abuse may lie elsewhere). Put in the spotlight, Rachel comes off very tough, unafraid of shooting and also unforgiving of her brother-in-law.
“For Blood or Money” is probably the most linear of all the episodes this season, with no twists and little movement for the outside plots. But the highlight of the episode, what Justified does so well, is humanizing the criminal. Heck, I even felt bad for the Furbot which only spoke Chinese.
There’s a bit of Mags, more talk of the Dixie Mafia, and Boyd trying to fight his innermost urges. It’s not much, but things have to inch along as the season progresses.
Score: 8.7/10