Rabblecast #221 TNA Bombs 3-3-11, Sin Cara Joins WWE, Myke Quest, Not Here?

WWE made a historical announcement at the end of last week as they welcomed a new Mexican wrestling star into their organization. Sin Cara(formerly known as Mistico) signed a deal with WWE. This could mean great things for fans of Lucha Libre! Also, TNA tries to hype a return, using a lame rip off of WWE’s 2-21-11 teaser. Welcome back Sting. Also this week, No Myke Quest! Join us tonight as we welcome in studio guest and or our special co-host, former NWS Heavy Weight Champion and indy sensation, Corey Havoc!

On this week’s show:

  • Sin Cara join’s WWE with a mask, why not Del Rio?
  • What ever happened to Sheamus’ push?
  • Triple H and Undertaker book their own match.
  • Honky Tonk Man touches someone’s junk? True story.

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