Southland – Episode 3-9 Review

With one episode left in the season, Southland is reaching a climax in its own way. There’s no crazy cliffhanger or anything too imminent, but the tension is definitely building. Cooper’s downward spiral, which has been one of the most visible ongoing plot, came hitting close to the bottom, as he lounges in the car while Ben struggles to complete his duties. However, he eventually comes to live and performs his job somewhat. Still, Ben is finally fed up with him, and delivers a stern warning.

Lydia probably should have waited for backup, but she charges in there by herself and kills the shooter. This incident will give her a needed boost, but she really shouldn’t be confronting a crazed gunman with a automatic weapon. Also, Ochoa’s son Rodrigo asks her out, which is weird.

Tammi finds Sammy when he’s on the job to talk to him… yeah, I don’t get where this is going.

Score: 8.7/10