The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Is Emily Maynard Lying To Brad Womack About Her Past?

Is Emily Maynard not as sweet as we think she is?

The rumoured winner has been presented as completely soft-spoken, but apparently Cori Kurek (who was briefly engaged to Emily’s late husband Ricky Hendrick) says that Maynard is a liar.

According to Cori, Emily was never engaged to Hendrick. “After Ricky died and she found out she was pregnant, Emily wanted to have lunch with me, because she didn’t know him that well,” said Cori.

And after Ricky passed away in 2004, his family reportedly gave Emily the $100,000 engagement ring that belonged to Cori — so that people wouldn’t find out about the scandal of Emily getting pregnant before marriage.

It gets worse. It is now being reported that Emily has dated several other NASCAR drivers — and would even hang out at the track every Saturday while fans of The Bachelor were led to believe she would rather be anywhere other than the racetrack.

Cori also said that the staff of the hospital where Emily said she worked has never heard of Emily before.

“No one knows who she is,” she said.

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