UFC on Versus 3: Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann Live Results and Play by Play

Tonight, live from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisvile, KY, UFC presents “UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann.” Inside Fights will have live coverage, results and play by play for the event. The main card kicks off of 9 PM ET on Versus, with two preliminary fights airing prior on UFC’s Facebook Page at 8 PM ET.

In the main event of the evening, Diego “Nightmare Dream” Sanchez takes on Martin Kampmann. Also on the main broadcast, Mark Munoz faces off against C.B. Dollaway, Alessio Sakara will battle Chris Weidman and Brian Bowles squares off against Damacio Page.

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Good evening, fight fans! Should be an awesome show tonight and I am in great form. (I am already in a great mood because I got to catch up with a friend today!)

We’re leading off the main card coverage with a WEC rematch between two really heavy-handed bantamweight fighters, Brian Bowles and Damacio Page.

Main Card (results are in reverse order of broadcast)

Main event of the evening is up next. Diego “The Dream” Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann. Should be a “barn burner.”

Martin Kampmann vs. Diego Sanchez

Round 1

During referee Herb Dean’s introduction of the rules, Martin Kampmann touched his gloves to Diego’s chest, not his hands. He’s not intimidated at all. Kampmann comes out with several straights that get leather. Diego for the Thai clinch, but Kampmann gets free. Sanchez lands a straight right and shoots for a takedown attempt. Kampmann is backed against the cage. Martin gets free and tries for the knee. A big right hand drops Sanchez to the mat, but Sanchez is back to his feet quickly. Left hands from Kampmann. Two straight rights land for Martin. Diego grabs the clinch, goes for a single leg takedown but eats a knee. Left-right from Kampmann. Martin sprawls a takedown and catches Diego with a right on the way back up. Diego lunges in with a right hook and misses. Right hook to the body from Diego. Good combos land from both fighters. Three punches land from Kampmann, Diego shoots for a takedown in response. Sanchez presses Kampmann against the fence. Diego eats a knee on the way out. Sanchez is already quite busted up. He’s bleeding heavily from the mouth. The round ends with some more missed strikes.

10-9 Kampmann

Round 2

Sanchez shoots for a double takedown that Kampmann sprawls on the cage. Sanchez drives a knee into the inner thigh before releasing Kampmann. Big combination from Sanchez, but a quick jab from Kampmann counters. Diego shoots for another takedown that is just stuffed against the fence. Back in the center of the octagon, Diego leads with his uppercut that just misses. Sanchez shoots for another takedown but it’s stuff. Sanchez is turning this into a slugfest, unloading 10+ punches that are rocking Kampmann against the cage. Kampmann doesn’t hit the mat, but remains standing. Sanchez misses on another takedown attempt, but he circles out and misses a high head kick. Sanchez continues to press the action in this round. Kampmann counters the wild punches of Sanchez with precise strikes. Sanchez tries for another single leg takedown, but Kampmann pulls free. Kampmann is rocked with another series of big shots. He pushes Diego away, who trips and rolls through as the round ends.

10-9 Sanchez

Round 3

Jab from Kampmann lands to start the round. Left-right from Diego barely misses. Big right from Diego. Right to the body from Diego, Kampmann gets a straight counter. Takedown attempt from Diego is stuff. Martin levels a knee as Sanchez rises. Jab as Diego comes in. Diego pushes in on Kampmann, swinging with power. Kampmann circles away as his back touches the cage. Diego keeps four posts on the floor to prevent a knee from a takedown, so Kampmann kicks him in the body. Diego finally gets a big takedown, but Martin gets free as Diego tries to take his back. Both fighters exchange punches. Lead uppercut, right hook from Diego. Right hand from Martin that Diego just brushes off. Down to the last minute of the round, Kampmann hits a big punch and Martin shakes out his right hand. He has hurt it bad. Diego is pressing in to try for the finish, but the fight ends with Diego pursuing Kampmann.

10-9 Sanchez

Winner: Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sanchez’ face is a total mess but we had the fight scored 2 rounds to 1 for Diego. The fans don’t seem happy with the result, but Kampmann didn’t finish ANOTHER opponent. He can’t complain about the result when he left it in the hands of judges. Everyone says it multiple times in every. single. show. Just can’t do that.

Alright, that’s it for Inside Fight’s live coverage of “UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann.” We’ll see you Saturday night for coverage of Bellator’s premiere on MTV2 and Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson from Columbus, OH.

Next up on the live broadcast is the Thiago Tavares-Shane Roller fight from earlier in the evening. We’ve got the results listed below, so we won’t spoil it, but needless to say, it’s another great fight.

Mark Munoz vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1

Leg kick from CB to start. Takedown by Dollaway, but he’s not letting Munoz up…then he releases him. Munoz charges forward with two big punches, one catches Dollaway on side of the chin. The second is an uppercut as CB hits the mat. Munoz dives between Dollaway’s legs and rains down a huge hammerfist that Dollaway can’t deal with. The second one lands and referee Mario Yamasaki steps in to call the fight.

Winner: Mark Munoz by KO (R1, punches, 0:54)

Joe Rogan comes in to talk to Munoz and the fans are still booing the result. Dollaway was out, rough result for that kid, but Munoz is just a good dude and handles the win in stride.

UFC Welterweight champ, Georges St. Pierre is shown at cageside. As are the 3-D broadcast team (featuring Kenny Florian) because tonight’s event marks the first time that UFC is offering their fights in 3-D. If I didn’t have to wear glasses, I would be in.

Next interview up is with Light Heavyweight champion, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. He’s very confident that he will be returning to Brazil with the title and compares Rashad Evans (his original opponent who had to withdraw due to injury) and Jon Jones. That fight will be awesome, but of note, the UFC debut of Urijah Faber, Cro Cop and Nate Marquardt’s appearances in the NYC-metro area for the first time have me stoked. All the fights on the PPV will be great.

Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman

Round 1

Weidman misses on a big punch. Outside leg kick from Sakara. Lunging left hook misses from Weidman. Two blocked hooks from Sakara followed by a leg kick from Sakara. Same combo from Alessio again, but again the hooks catch only gloves. Weidman shoots in for a takedown, but Sakara stuffs it against the fence. Straight right from Weidman and leg kick from him as well. Two hooks from Weidman miss and Sakara lands a jab. Weidman shoots for a takedown again and presses Alessio to the fence. Sakara fights the takedown off, but eats an elbow as Weidman leaves. Combo to the body from Sakara. Weidman misses a head kick. Sprawled takedown from Alessio again. Leg kick from Weidman. Straight right from Sakara connects. Head kick from Sakara misses. Right from Weidman and a leg kick connect to end the round.

10-9 Sakara

Round 2

Weidman shoots in and gets the takedown with a single. Sakara is trying to scramble, but finally has to pull Weidman into full guard. Weidman starts working on the cut that Sakara had in the first round. There appears to be a new cut on Alessio’s face and Weidman shifts to side control and is raining short fists. Weidman is trying to trap the right arm of Sakara on the mat. Thus far, Sakara can do very little to get back to half guard so far. After one minute, Sakara regains half guard and uses the slippery situation to escape. Weidman gets another takedown against the fence, but Sakara scrambles free and is pressed on the fence. The referee breaks the fighters up to have the doctor look over the cut. The doctor rules the fight can continue and on the restart, two quick leg kicks land from Weidman. Both fighters miss with big straight rights. Sakara is attacking the body on Weidman, landing three hooks to the midsection at the end of the second frame.

10-9 Weidman

Round 3

Big hooks to the body from Sakara, who counters with a knee to the head that is blocked. Takedown from Weidman gets him into side control. Sakara eats short hooks on the mat. Sakara lands an elbow from his back. Good hammer fists from Weidman keep Sakara from scrambling. Sakara gets Weidman back into half guard. The referee stands both fighters back up, which will definitely be a boon for Sakara. Two hooks land from Sakara, but Weidman shoots in and gets a takedown against the fence. Weidman flattens Sakara out and pulls him away from the cage. Thus far, Sakara has prevented Weidman from finishing the fight, but he still postures up and lands blows to the face of Alessio, which will score well with the judges. Sakara gets back to his feet, but eats a jab before Weidman gets another takedown. Chris cannot get the mount position, but he hammers on Sakara to end the fight.

Winner: Chris Weidman by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Good interview with Light Heavyweight contender Jon “Bones” Jones who will be challenging Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 in Newark, NJ on March 19th. Good quote on getting that while he might have some nerves, he’s just “getting his butterflies in formation.” Very likable fighter.

The next fight featured on the main broadcast is from earlier in the evening, Igor Pokrajac vs. Todd Brown. Since we’ve already posted the results below feel free to head down there, as I don’t want to spoil the result for those that are watching live.

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page

Round 1

Big right over the top misses from Page. Head kick from Page is blocked. Bowles lands a jab that is countered by a leg kick. Damacio goes for a flying knee, but turns it into a body kick. Another vicious body kick from Page. Page is very aggressive to start the fight. Page with another leg kick, but Bowles comes back with two solid punches. Bowles catches a straight right and uppercut on Page. Page misses with a right-left hook combo. Clinch attempt from Page leads to a blocked knee and a kick to the body from Page. Leg kick from Page who is the aggressor. Combination by Bowles to the body. Big overhand from Page is countered by Page with an uppercut by Bowles. Bowles swarms him with ground and pound. As Page scrambles, Bowles grabs a guillotine choke and Page goes out to a guillotine…again.

Winner: Brian Bowles by submission (R1, guillotine, 3:30)

Facebook Preliminary Fights

Cyrille Diabate defeated Steve Cantwell by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-26)
Danny Castillo over Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Non-Televised Preliminary Fights

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
Shane Roller beat Thiago Tavares (R2, knockout, 1:28)
Takeya Mizugaki over Reuben Duran by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)
Dongi Yang defeated Rob Kimmons by TKO (R2, strikes, 4:47)
Rousimar Palhares submitted Dave Branch (R2, kneebar, 1:44)
Igor Pokrajac defeated Todd Brown (R1, TKO, 5:00)

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