V – Episode 2-8 Review

Seriously, does anyone even care about what the Visitors or Fifth Column are up to anymore? They’re both covertly subverting each other, but nothing really comes of it. A few people die, Erica and Co. rob a bank, but at the end of the episode, things are pretty much the same.

Part of my disinterest in the plot is how dumb the “science” is. This DNA stuff is idiotic, possibly worse than the horrendous Star Trek: Voyager episode where Paris and Janeway become lizards and have babies. And what does it have to do with soul extracting? It makes zero sense.

Invisible escape pods……………

The one positive thing out of the episode is that Erica fully embraces reality, AKA Hobbes’s position–and his body. Meanwhile Jack is still worrying about people getting hurt when the Visitors want to kill everyone.

Score: 6.0/10