10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 03.03.2011 – Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Beer Money, The Beautiful People

Reviewing the 3/3/11 episode of TNA…

1. I have mixed feelings on the return of Hulk Hogan to TNA programming. On one hand it’s great for Immortal and also elevates their opponents putting them opposite of a Hulk Hogan led Immortal, but on the other, a lot of the Hogan/Immortal segments have lost their edge. It seems to be the same old self congratulatory back patting party every time Hogan and cronies get together. I did like how Fortune stepped up to defend Dixie Carter and stand up to Immortal. I am a bit confused on Dixie’s storyline role with TNA. First, Hulk says she’s unemployed but then insinuates the two of them now have defined roles with her providing the money and him running TNA with 100% control. Perhaps Immortal could have clearly stated that they won’t allow Dixie to appear on TV any more and that with their control, they own the TV production and Dixie must watch and do nothing like a silent partner.

2. I like how Ink, Inc. stepped up to challenge Beer Money who showed great fire and intensity in their big win over Gunner and Murphy. Although if Ink, Inc. are going to end up as heels in this feud, having them first issue this challenge in Shannon Moore’s home state may have been a mistake. Moore could not resist the urge to play/stay the face here. It’ll be interesting to see if Ink, Inc. or the Brohawks as I like to call them will start to morph into effective heels as they begin their tag title chase towards the next PPV, Victory Road.

3. I don’t know why but for some strange reason Sarita’s music has always reminded me of a cross between “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and any Carlos Santana song. That being said, the pay off to the big Sarita vs. Velvet Sky feud was very very weak. After weeks upon weeks of build up, the match was much too short. Now I know this was in part due to TNA wanting to make room to shoehorn in their Jersey Shore tie-in, but still, if you are going to take the time to invest in a feud in order to have a big payoff Career on the line match, then at least give it some time. The match didn’t even get a real chance to get going before it was abruptly ended with a very anti-climatic pin by Velvet over Sarita.

4. Bad things happen when Clark Ken…er Robbie E gets around the Beautiful People. First he gets the crap kicked out of him by Lacey Von Erich and the original BP’s and this time he tripped walking down the aisle with his Jersey Shore gals. Perhaps Angelina Love/Lang has kryptonite in her necklace.

5. Should have known TNA wasn’t going to cut short a Jarrett segment. I felt it would have been better to have Kurt lay out Jeff in the ring in front of the altar, even beating up Fruits and Nuts(OJ & EY) if he had to. Then if Kurt did have to put Karen’s face through the cake, he could have carried her to the ring and drop her in front of an unconscious Jeff. Then of course they could have done the ceremony after Jeff was resuscitated.

6. Ric Flair could sell a car to a blind man. But Bart Scott trying to intimidate Kurt Angle backstage was laughable. Post Wedding and during their in-ring altercation, Kurt slapped the ankle lock on Scott until security broke it up. Now he has an excuse if he has a bad season.

7. Joe Warren on commentary during the Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan gave us a dose of what it would sound like if Owen Wilson was a commentator for TNA. The feud continued as the two super heavyweights battled to a double count out with Morgan left bloody on the outside of the ring.

8. Lines of the Night:

Ric Flair to Dixie Carter referencing the fans

Flair-“Don’t you understand we get them off. They don’t get us off.”


Kazarian to NY Jets Linebacker Bart Scott

Kaz-“Who are you? Jermaine Hardy?”


Eric Young talking to Orlando Jordan about Jeff Jarrett and how he is the best man at the wedding

EY-“I’m his best friend. I’m probably going to go on the honeymoon with them…”

9. Match of the Night:

Jeff Jarrett  vs. Sting

Sting always in great shape made his triumphant return to TNA to face the champion. Sting added some significant red to his entrance and gear. Most of the other matches on iMPACT were cut short and given more time Beer Money vs. Gunner and Murphy had some great crowd heat. But the Sting vs. Hardy match also had great heat. Hardy sold well for the Stinger, who at this age needs opponents like Hardy to help hide father time. Another PPV worthy contest. This had to be great for the live crowd to witness one more Sting Championship victory and bask in it with the Stinger.

10. Final Show Thoughts.

I’ll admit I didn’t see the Sting title victory coming, but I suppose a non-title match might have produced a predictable outcome. One more ride for the Stinger, although perhaps with the build up of one last chance, TNA might have been able to sell some PPV’s. I think they tried that before, so hotshotting it with the intention to spike ratings was the plan here. Some segments/feuds/matches got cut short, so it’s hard to say this was a great iMPACT by any stretch, but the potential match ups against Sting may freshen some things up. With the use of the Network and remembering Spike TV or TNN back in the day, I can’t help but think of the ECW days and how they used the Network as a heel back then. I guess they have turned face since their days as The Nashville Network. That being said, it was good to see TNA on the road for iMPACT, this time in North Carolina.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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