10 Thoughts on WWE (John Cena, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara)

The WrestleMania buildup continues! While not as strong as last week, there was still some good hype for the “Super Bowl of Wrestling”, err sorry Vince, the “Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment”. Here are the 10 Thoughts for this Week:

1. Well, Rey Mysterio’s days against bigger wrestlers still isn’t over. Mysterio took on Kane in a match that was surprisingly decent. However, the best part of all this was after Mysterio beat Kane. Dusty Rhodes made a surprise return to talk to Rey about Cody Rhodes. After a couple of minutes, Dusty called Cody to the ring to apologize to Rey. Cody did so and Dusty shook Mysterio’s hand afterwards. Dusty didn’t let go of Mysterio’s hands and Cody hit Mysterio from behind. This was a great angle because Cody Rhodes frustration came across as very believable nor did any of the live crowd expect Dusty Rhodes to pull something like that.

2. Is Kofi Kingston turning into a jobber or do they have something planned for this guy? I can understand why he lost to Alberto Del Rio but Jack Swagger? C’mon, unless it was just a way to sell his “injuries” from Elimination Chamber, I don’t see why he’d have to lose this match.

3. Big Show vs. The Corre at WrestleMania seems to be coming about. For weeks now The Corre has gotten the best of Big Show. This week Big Show got them back after he grabbed a chair, hit Justin Gabriel with it and chased them out of the ring with it. Personally I think this is getting pretty boring. You know what to expect every time Big Show comes out between now and WrestleMania. Rumor has it that “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel will be Big Show’s partner at WrestleMania. That would make things more interesting but still wouldn’t make it an amazing Mania match.

4. Vickie Guerrero was “fired” after a match between Edge/Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre/Vickie. That match itself was a stinker, but what happened after the match was decent. Vickie was distraught about losing her job and begged everyone from the cameraman to Booker T to get her job back. Edge had the crowd sing the usual goodbye song as Vickie walked towards the back. Afterwards, Alberto Del Rio showed up and attacked Edge. Good way to keep the buildup of their WrestleMania match going.

5. Could Sin Cara be Rey Mysterio’s replacement? They’re just about the same size with Rey at 5’6 and 178 pounds and Sin Cara at 5’7 and 175 pounds. This was big signing for the WWE and hopefully they use this guy right. Give him a push when the time is right and don’t push him like Sheamus was pushed. Look at what Sheamus is doing now, jobbing cleanly to Mark Henry.

6. Monday Night Raw started off with a good promo from Triple H regarding his match with The Undertaker. The only thing I did not like about it was the way he said Undertaker and himself were the two last outlaws that mattered in the WWE. It seemed like in other words he was saying, “Yeah Taker and I are the last two guys from the “New Generation” and “Attitude Era” that matter.” It came across like he was burying the current roster and saying that himself alongside Undertaker were the only ones worth watching in the WWE.

7. Evan Bourne came back to Raw and defeated Sheamus in a 2 minute match. This took place just moments after Triple H’s promo and beat down on Sheamus. The Anonymous GM said Sheamus would still have a match even after the beating he took and out came Bourne. I could be wrong but didn’t Sheamus whoop Evan Bourne almost every week before his injury?

8. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania was announced on Raw with a gauntlet style stipulation going for the next few weeks. If Orton defeats the other members of Nexus in the next couple of weeks, they are not allowed at ringside at WrestleMania. Whichever members defeat Orton get to stay at ringside. Orton took one member out on Raw and that was Michael McGillicutty. McGillicutty was also punted after the match, which makes people wonder, what will they do with him now? This match at Mania could be a spectacular match, the buildup for it has been interesting thus far and I only hope it doesn’t turn out to be a letdown the day of the event.

9. The Rock’s taped response to John Cena was golden. He truly made the WWE fans feel like they were loved by him and of course he did a great job ripping on Cena. A match between these two is doubtful but I’m sure Rock fans would love to see him drop “The People’s Elbow” on Cena at least once between now and WrestleMania.

10. John Cena and Alex Riley’s cage match was a bit sluggish. Riley hardly ever wrestles and to just throw him in there with Cena was a bad move. The worst part of this match was when Riley got to the top of the cage. Cena was still down and Riley just about had this match won, had this not been a scripted show. Cena had to suddenly get up and grab him, looking like he didn’t sell the fall he took moments before this. I thought Josh Matthews had a clever comment for this scenario by saying “Alex Riley must be afraid of heights”. The ending to this match with Cena bursting through the door seemed weak too. I know John Cena is supposed to have some kind of super strength but they couldn’t have come up with a better escape than this? There was a minor save after the match when Miz hit the “Skull Crushing Finale” outside of the ring. Besides Miz tweeting during the match, there wasn’t much interest in this one at all.

That’ll do it for this week folks.

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