10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 03.03.2011 — The Rock, William Regal, Curt Hawkins

1. When Truth had his “Crunk” song, I was thrilled. I actually liked it, and it made me excited upon his entrance. But this “What’s Up” nonsense is just terrible. I think it may rank as #2 on my list of “Worst Entrance Songs According to Kelly”. Regal’s, on the other hand, still brings a devious smile to my face.

2. Regal, as per usual, did what he has been doing best. He brings his spirit and veteran knowledge to the ring to make the usually disappointing Truth look a touch better. Of course, I wish he would have come out on top. But he was very impressive.

3. Watching the commercial for Big Show’s DVD makes me wonder how he went from a big tall muscular man to a big tall fat man. I’ve always thought he moved pretty well for a big guy, but he used to do unimaginable things considering his size. Whether it be age, or his illness, I’m curious to know what changed.

4. Santino is obviously gold as a comic, but I sometimes forget how good he actually is. He’s one of the few that makes me chuckle, but I think they could tone it back a bit. Make him more just funny, and less of a joke.

5. Zack Ryder and Primo as a tag team is my new guilty pleasure. They fall right between celebrity gossip magazines and mini-Slim Jims.

6. I simply must pay more attention to Raw (and by that, I mean I need to actually watch it)…Stone Cold is gracing us with his presence on Monday? Wrestlemania really is upon us.

7. The video package with Shawn Michaels discussing Taker/HHH was very well done, but not only that, it reminds me what the WWE has been missing the last few months. It makes me realize that we’ve been tolerating the shows we’ve been watching, but that this is what makes a show great. That is not necessarily a good thing.

8. I could see Curt Hawkins getting into a brutal feud with Kofi Kingston for the title. Those two would have tremendous matches as their pace is similar and seem like they would jive in all the right places.

9. “Enjoy your Fruity Pebbles, you yabba dabba BITCH.” And this is why I love The Rock. This promo was great…but why on earth are they replaying it for the main event of Superstars?

10. Random Thought of the Week: Hey, WWE…wanna trade Jack Korpela, Scott Stamford, Joan Cena, R-Truth, The Bellas, Alicia Fox, David Otunga, and Michael Cole for Jim Ross? Please?

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