American Idol 2011 – Top 24 Results Show Review

I was worried that taking two hours to deliver ten minutes of news would be painful, but Thursday’s American Idol results episode actually wasn’t bad. Yeah, Seacrest still dragged out the results. But there were also charming moments, like the contestants talking about the highlight moments from the “journey” so far. Some of these people have pretty good personalities!

We started with the dudes, and the first guy to go through was predictably country boy Scotty. The guy sings country music and is mad talented. The only was he wasn’t making the top ten was if he left the competition for a record deal in Nashville  right now. Because he could.

When things flipped over to the ladies, the first through were Lauren A. and Pia. Next, Ryan told Karen she’d made it through. Although I find her pageanty (yeah, I made up a word), I was happy for her…and then I was appalled, because Idol‘s low camera angle totally went right up her skirt. She was followed by Jacob wearing amazing purple shoes, and Casey.

Next up we had Thia, Naima and Lauren and for the first time I had no idea who wouldn’t be making it through. I figured Lauren wouldn’t (even though I like her) but then Ryan said TWO of the three girls wouldn’t be making it. I knew it would be Thia, but I thought Lauren and Naima were both deserving as well.

On a sidenote: What was Thia wearing? A sweater her blind grandma made? Ouch.

Up next were two quirky guys I loved, Paul and Brett. If I had to choose I’d choose Paul, but expected Brett. I was thrilled – thrilled! – when Ryan announced that Paul was in, but I’m disappointed that they both didn’t make it through.

The final girl to make it through was Haley. I would have preferred Naima or the other Lauren, but she’s OK. Next, in a heartbreaking turn of events, James the screaming Glambert-wannabe beat out my adorable little Bruno Mars singing Stefano for the final spot. The horror!

So the remaining people, the ones who didn’t make the top ten, will battle it out next week for the judges’ wild card spots. How many will there be? Who should get them? There are at least four people left out in the cold who I like – Brett, Stefano, Lauren and Naima. I hope the judges choose at least a couple of them.