WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers for 3/4/11 with Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Undertaker, and Michael Cole

World Champion Edge cuts a promo, which draws Drew McIntyre who loses to Edge via a leg submission.

Well, someone’s push is back.

Cody Rhodes comes out in a Rey Mysterio mask and rips on Rey.

A simple way to build heat.

The Corre tell Kane they helped crush Undertaker and ask for help with Big Show.

So… Taker kills them all like H killed Sheamus?

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat Santino and Kozlov.

I wish there were other teams for them to face.

The Undertaker cuts a response promo on Triple H.

Well, at least he didn’t destroy anyone… yet.

LayCool defeated Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes.

This is still going?

Kane vs. Big Show went to a no contest when Corre interfered, but Kane crushed Gabriel.

Is this a face turn?

Jack Swagger is out with Michael Cole. They brag, then Swagger defeats JTG.

I’m sure it got good heat.

Edge and Alberto Del Rio have a contract signing for Wrestlemania. When Ricardo Rodriguez gets involved Christian saves and he and Edge do a “Five Second Pose!”

Awesome, I may tune in just for that.

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