10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 03.04.2011 – Undertaker, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Kane, Booker T

Reviewing the 3/4/11 episode of Friday Night Smackdown…

1. Very noticeable audio in some segments where it really sounds like WWE pumped in some crowd reaction. It really is a shame that WWE has to do this but sometimes the crowd just doesn’t react as enthusiastically as they want them to. It does seem very cheap, but much like a laugh track on a sitcom, probably necessary to help enhance the show product.

2. Cody Rhodes gave what I thought was his best promo yet since entering WWE. Cody mocked Rey Mysterio’s entrance coming out with his stolen mask over his face and face shield on his way to the ring for his promo. He then went on to deliver a very intense and spirited promo ending with a challenge and promise to unmask Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 27 if he accepts. Cody has become very entertaining and impressive in his delivery since this whole angle started. This was easily his best yet.

3. Undertaker returned to Smackdown to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave”. Perfect song to use considering Taker’s last appearance on a Smackdown promoted show was being buried by Kane. Interesting, tho, that outside of the song the issue of him being buried alive and his last appearance was not addressed at all. While The Corre mentioned their unsolicited “favor” to Kane, they made no mention of the Undertaker earlier. Taker returned with his classic hat and trench coat look which I feel, especially at this juncture, is his coolest look. Hopefully with the nickname, “The Last Outlaw”, The Undertaker will keep this look over his pinhead coat or hooded jacket. A couple of interesting things I took from Undertaker’s solid promo. Triple H already is a statistic on the Undertaker’s list having been defeated by the American Bad Ass version at Wrestlemania 17. Also a close up of the Undertaker’s neck revealed the remnants of the Undertaker’s “Sara” tattoo. It’s nothing more than a sun/tanning bed tattoo now.

4. Two words to describe Rosa Mendes and how she is looking these days—>Damn Fine.

5. While the Kane/Corre relationship might have gone sour, it does give Kane something to do rather than squash mid-carders. That being said, Kane did chase them off back at Survivor Series and told Wade he didn’t want or need their help when referencing the event earlier in the show. Kane should actually be pissed at them since his victory could be considered tainted. Not to mention, they didn’t get the job done since the Undertaker returned. I’d love to see The Corre(or anyone) throw a fireball at Kane to get him to return to his mask. Someone has to do this before Kane retires. I can only hope.

6. The video with comments from Shawn Michaels is a perfect way to get Shawn on WWE programming(besides his Hall Of Fame induction hype) as well as get some expert insight on the big Undertaker vs. Triple H match. No one should know the Undertaker’s dominance at the past few Wrestlemanias better than HBK and nobody should know Triple H better as his buddy and sometimes opponent than Michaels.

7. Michael Cole would be perfect as a heel manager. He fits right in being in the corner of Swagger and cheering him on from the headset. I don’t know for the life of me how Booker T or Josh Matthews could keep a straight face with their post match analysis while Cole celebrated in the ring with Swagger. Cole running around the ring and doing the Swagger arm strut was hysterical. I think Booker even cracked a smile while looking at the monitor.

8.  Lines Of the Night:

Booker T– “Rosa Mendes has got a lot of salsa.”

Booker T– “Look man, It’s as simple as this. Michael Cole has lost his damn mind.”

9. Match of the Night:

Edge vs. Drew McIntyre

Great in ring psychology with Drew attacking Edge’s injured elbow which Alberto Del Rio caused last week. Drew was very intense and relentless trying for revenge on Edge. Drew elevated his game here in this big time match. Edge came back to win with a combo of his spear and his submission finisher, which starts out looking like a sharpshooter, but Edge modified it by positioning himself another way to make it look unique and forcing Drew to tap. These are the type of matches I enjoy watching. Two intense competitors and a decisive, clean and entertaining finish. Great match.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

Good to see WWE finally mention Christian, announcing his return next week, since it’s been a couple of weeks since he returned at Elimination Chamber. Smackdown is his home after all. Then Christian went ahead and made another surprise appearance this week saving Edge from the same move Del Rio put him on the shelf with. Edge really needs help from the interfering Ricardo Rodriguez who was interfering in matches 6 months ago when Christian was taken out. Having his real life buddy and superstar, Christian by his side at Mania would be a huge plus. Having Christian comfort the bloody Edge at ringside was good to see as they haven’t interacted much since Christian’s return to WWE from TNA. Earlier during the contract signing, did Edge hint at the plans for Alberto Del Rio’s title chances changing in a blink of an eye? Perhaps Alberto was originally planned to win the title at Mania, but now this could be another match where the Champion successfully defends again like last year with Jericho ironically defeating the challenger, Edge. It really depends if Del Rio has lost any standing in the company since his title pursuing push has begun. Either way, I expect a great match at Mania and the storyline is shaping up much better than I anticipated.

Show MVP:


That is all.

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