Belle of the Brawl: New TNA Champion Crowned on Impact!

Nashville’s TNA office was thrown into a tailspin last night on SpikeTV.

First with Hulk Hogan taking over from Dixie Carter on-screen, the turn to WCW has began to take a solid hold with Hogan taking on-screen control of the company. Now with his control and Carter heading back to Nashville, TNA has officially gotten back to WCW circa-2000.

Now, TNA also adds a new champion to the mix, the show was a deluge of twists and turns.

Even though Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff and the members of Immortal brought the difference of opinion to North Carolina last night. Now, Fortune’s AJ Style, Kazarian, Robert Roode and Nashville’s own Jamest Storm will face off against the Immortal crew.
Speaking of Fortune, TNA Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and James Storm successfully defended the gold over Gunner and Murphy. The duo will be defending the titles against Ink Inc.
Angelina Love picked up the victory over Sarita in singles action last night. Now with half the cast of Jersey Shore making their way to the ring, it’s turning more into a reality show as it is wrestling. But the reality will be brought to the ring next week with a six woman tag team match.

Onto the renewal ceremony for Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle-Jarrett.; while the whole thing started, it would be Angle nailing Jarrett, but it would be Karen Jarrett taking the cake, literally right in the face. Watch for more from this duo at the next pay-per-view. The duo would head back to head back into the ring to finish off back in the ring with completing the ceremony. And I’ve always heard of a shotgun wedding, but Kurt Angle would finish up the wedding by destroying the set with an axe.

Scott Steiner would pick up the victory over Rob Terry in singles action.

Matt Morgan picked up the disqualification win over Hernandez in singles action. With the excessive violence Hernandez was showing, the referee would toss out the match.
Sting would be the big surprise that Hogan kept mentioning all throughout Impact. While Jeff Hardy was the champion starting off the night, Sting would hit double Scorpion Death Drops to gain the title.

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