10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice Season Premiere Episode 1 Recap

1. Richard Hatch is just as entertaining to watch as he was the first time on Survivor. Seeing him as a trending topic on Twitter was awesome.

2. My favorite line of the entire episode was when Donald Trump opened the show by saying: “The circus is back in town and you’re looking at the ringmaster.”

3. I had no idea that Gossip Girl‘s Katie Cassidy was David Cassidy’s daughter.

4. Gary Busey as the Pepperoni Profit was brilliant.

5. I think players in best position to win right now are John Rich and Nikki Taylor.

6. Dionne Warwick working the cash register reminded me so much of Gary Coleman on Surreal Life.

7. You have to respect who takes project manager in the first episode.

8. Taking Jose back to see Trump was a terrible decision. Richard had two people against him off the get go.

9. Jose Canseco came off as a douchebag.

10. Can’t wait for Meatloaf vs. Busey and Star Jones vs. Lisa Rinna

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