Daredevil over Batman as Gotham Central’s Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark On Hell’s Kitchen… Central?

From Emerald City Comic Con – Could we see a procedural cop comic from writer Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark. All you need is Greg Rucka as co-writer and you have Gotham Central’s original creative helming Marvel’s answer to that book. Interesting.

On the topic of writing partnerships, a request was made of Brubaker to re-team with Greg Rucka and co-write another “Daredevil” story as they did in the past. Brubaker responded as if he were game: “That’d be awesome at some point. I just ran into him this morning. What do you want? I’m an architect. I can build it.”

This drew laughs from the audience, and the writer further explained, “The ‘Daredevil’ thing was really just because artist Michael [Lark] and I were doing it and I thought how cool it would be since Greg was off his DC exclusive — ‘Hey, let’s do a ‘Gotham Central’ reunion on ‘Daredevil.” So we did.”

Suddenly, Fraction grinned and looked over to Brubaker. “Hey, would it be a stupid idea to do a Hell’s Kitchen precinct-type book?”

“I would totally do that in a heartbeat,” Brubaker quickly replied.

Fraction looked to the audience and asked, “What do you say — ‘Hell’s Precinct?'” The crowd applauded loudly. Things went no further than this, but fans can always hope…


Well, Brubaker has pull at Marvel so if he wants it, and Lark’s game, this will happen.

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Source: CBR