MILESTONE Characters In; WILDSTORM Characters Out; & More NON-Batman / Green Lantern / Flash Books… From DC


From Emerald City Comic Con – So, despite there being a lot of lesser profiled, commercially problematic, but critically acclaimed DC books getting the axe in 2011, it seems that this year won’t be all Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash.

In addition, we’ll get more Milestone characters in the DCU, starting with a Static series, but there still are no plans for Wildstorm.

Here’s what was reported from this weekend’s comic con:

A teenage boy then approached the microphone during the panel and posed an interesting (and bold) question: “‘Doom Patrol’ and ‘R.E.B.E.L.S.’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’ have all been canceled, so what are you replacing them with? And if you’re replacing them with more Batman and Superman and Flash comics – aren’t there enough of those already?”

Attendees applauded the query. Harras nodded his head at the young man and responded, “There’s going to be a lot of new stuff coming down the pike, and I can tell you a lot of it will not be Superman or Batman or Flash…..”

…..When asked about the Milestone characters and their status, Harras responded, “We actually do have plans. Dwayne McDuffie did an amazing thing creating these characters. I can’t go too much into it right now, but there are plans.”

With regards to a different group of characters, a fan wanted to know more about the Wildstorm heroes and how (or if) they’ll be interacting with DC Universe. Harras explained, “Nothing is definitely planned. On a structural/editorial level, there is just the DC world now. We’re working with [Wildstorm founder and DC Co-Publisher] Jim Lee a lot, so we’ll see what happens.”

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