Supernatural – Episode 6-16 Review

Really? Maybe we were spoiled by the amazing Lucifer arc last season, but this current one isn’t cutting it. “…And Then There Were None” is the last new episode until April 15, so I was expecting something great. The episode starts with Mother of All, named Eve, inducing someone to kill his wife. Then, the episode veers off into boring territory, with a creature crawling into people’s heads and making them kill people, while Sam, Dean, Bobby, Rufus, Samuel, and Gwen try to sort things out in a somewhat amusing fashion

A bunch of people die before we learn that the creature was created by Eve. The plot has no twists (unless you count the deaths as twists, although they don’t affect the eventual outcome) and is very bland and definitely not tense. We don’t even see Eve beyond the initial few minutes, so we can’t see if she’s menacing at all. At the end of the episode, the only thing we learn about her is that she very powerful and can make creatures. As far as her potential goes, I can imagine a solid backstory. How does Eve go from sinner to mass murderer?

The worst thing about the episode is how the writers blithely kill off several recurring character. There goes Gwen, and there goes Samuel, and for good measure, Rufus also has to go. There is nothing significant about the deaths. It’s just shocking for shocking’s sake. Afterwards, there’s little time to reflect on them since the creature is still on the loose. Rufus gets a tiny wrap-up at the end, but the whole ordeal is just random as hell. Why did three semi-important characters have to die in this way?

Score: 8.0/10