Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-16 Review

Hello people! Hope you had a fun week. This is the review for the 16th episode of the 7th season of Desperate Housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:

A slow-paced episode that is, nonetheless, entertaining. Things really heat up in the end, however, and the mystery gets a massive kick for next week.

Spoilers zone:

Gaby’s storyline was the stronger one, in my opinion (excluding the mystery). Many might disagree but I liked the message tied into all of that. Rarely do we see Gaby enjoy motherhood and that stumble and fall story was touching. I’m also happy to see Bob and Lee get a bit more screen time. No matter where they appear they always brighten up the place. Eva Longoria has shown true range throughout this season and I’m a bit frustrated that I’m only getting hints of it. I hope there is more of that in the future

Bree’s story mainly served Susan and Beth. Her little dinner party was a fun gathering and her scene with Beth was both creepy and touching. Having said that, we did get a glimpse of a Bree that feels empty and hopefully there will be more to come. Her scenes with the priest were the only insight we got to her current state, so you can’t blame me for wanting to see more.

Susan’s segment had its moments. I think, however, the best scene was the final one with Mike mainly because it had been a while since we saw any intimacy between the two. Actually scratch that, I preferred the scene in the elevator right after the doctor’s meeting (it was silent and still but said so much about the situation the two were in). Anyhow, now that her kidney situation has been resolved, I’m hoping she will move back to the lane. It’s about time!

Lynette’s parenting themed storyline was solid with a nice little message. Mary Alice’s narration was quite true in this episode. Parenting is always easier to judge than it is to handle. I’m also happy with the way the story was resolved. Having Renee basically say “ok, there are other paths than having a kid” is an image that we rarely see employed in female characters (in TV in general). Also, kudos to Felicity Huffman for not overplaying the scene in the beginning (where she is clearing the twins’ room).

Last and certainly not least, Beth had a more that awesome farewell episode in the series. Her character basically carried the entire episode. She first lost hope with Paul, then with her mother and finally with any sort of “friends” she had when she tried to make a difference. By the way, was there even a fish in the fish-bowl she threw food in? Moreover, her final scene was extremely powerful (probably the strongest scene a mystery has had in a long, long time). Goodbye Beth, I loved your awkward complex awesomeness…

To conclude, like I said above, the regular storylines were rather slow paced but still fun to watch. The mystery was what gave the episode a much needed kick and hopefully there is more where that came from.