EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.01.2011 — Val Venis, The Freak Squad, new champions

Well, Xtreme Tuesday is no more. We find ourselves with a new name, new champions, and a whole lot more xtreme!

Adrenaline Rush – March 1st, 2011

Dark Match
Johnny Manson
Shadow Fox

Dark matches are becoming normal for the boys of EXW, and I can’t say that I hate it. Both men looked great, and geared the fans up perfectly for the rest of the show. Shadow Fox looks better each time I watch him, and I can’t wait to see what else he can do. And, as per usual, Manson was phenomenal. I wish it was given more time, as I was really getting into it.
Winner: Shadow Fox

Match #1
Chuey Martinez and Shane Stratmore
Sal and Ray Basura

Speaking of quick matches, this one was like lightening. Chuey and Shane are quickly growing into a dominant team, and the crowd just eats it up. I wish it had been less of a blur, but ultimately only one team would move on to the final round.
Winner(s): Chuey Martinez and Shane Stratmore

Match # 2
Josh Pain
Kyle Hawk

There was a lot going on in this match, yet so little. I’m still not sure if it lulled or not, but the two definitely mixed well together. They had a great connection and the movement was swift. Kyle Hawk frequents this stage, but Josh Pain has been scarce. This match made me question why that was so, as he definitely shined.
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Match #3
Cedric the Hitman

Unfortunately, I was standing at the bar during this match, forced to order my drinks and food through the bartender, as the server in our section ignored our table entirely. I’ve never had a bad experience at the bar that EXW calls home, but this night was ridiculous. So the few times I was able to glance over at the ring were instead blocked by the white hot rage. Regardless, the bit I saw was entertaining enough, and I’m upset I missed it.
Winner: Manimal

At this point, Ryan Castellucci began talking when Tyson Tyler interrupted. He discussed his new Twitter project (@AlwaysTrending), and introduced a man whose name we all knew: Johnny Stamboli. Big things were promised from the pair, and both retreated.

Match #4
Rexx Reed
Val Venis

I was floored when this match begun, and was ready for it. This was a match-up that seemed bizarre until the very moment it started, and then everything just fell together. Val was unstoppable, manhandling Reed, and looking great. Reed made it an even contest, all the way up until the end when Val reminded him who he was.
Winner: Val Venis

Match #5
Cutler Wright
Andrew Hellman (c)
Elite Championship Match

All of the aggression that had been growing between the two exploded for this match. Hellman nearly beheaded Wright with the clotheslines he threw, and both men were ready for a war. This was a professional-quality match that kept the fans enthralled, even though it ran pretty long. It almost wasn’t long enough, and was clearly the type of match you’d see at the big shows. Wright had been vying for the belt for so long, that it was exhilarating to see Hellman’s shoulders on the mat for three full seconds.
Winner (and NEW champion): Cutler Wright

Match #6
The Freak Squad
Moshpit Mike and Miracle Mike James
Chuey Martinez and Shane Stratmore
Tag Team Tournament Finals
Triple Threat Elimination Match

I loathe triple threat matches, especially when it’s three tag teams. Fortunately, only two men were in the ring at a time, so it worked a little better. Every man was on their game, and most of the fight took place outside the ring. Some huge spots were delivered and it was absolute madness. The Mike’s were the first to be eliminated, and mere moments later, Chuey and Shane would be next.
Winner(s) (and FIRST EXW Tag Team Champions): The Freak Squad


A solid, solid show from the Xtreme Boys. The Freak Squad would forever be known as the first-ever tag team champions, and a new Elite Champion was crowned, effectively dethroning the reigning champ, Andrew Hellman. The following week promised more excitement, with The Freak Squad defending their new titles in a tables match. And the fans were struck with some early luck, as EXW would present their next Adrenaline Rush a mere week later (instead of two weeks later) at The Duce in Phoenix, Arizona. They’re going retro, so I wonder what we’ll find!

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