Hulk Hogan Clears up Jimmy Hart Rumors, Answers more Questions on Twitter

Hulk Hogan on…

When asked about reports that WWE is ticked off at him from saying Jimmy Hart would be at WrestleMania and the role he would play and whethere WWE would show footage of him doing jobs to HHH and Undertaker he said: “I’ve done jobs for anyone Vince wanted,they’ve done done old man Hogan skits ,Jh is just a mark rumor,but thanks for the air time HH”

When asked if Matt Morgan would get a push: “Morgan is money,his time is very near HH”

When asked about how WWE will due after Vince McMahon moves on: “Vinces kids know wwe inside and out,wwe will be fine HH”

When asked if he could wrestle right now he said: “I need about 3more months before my bone graphs are ready,I wish. HH”

When asked for his thoughts on the Mr. America gimmick ” with a push it could have turned wwf upside down,they definatley didn’t want that,so they beat me the first night out in ny.HH”

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