Jim Ross Comments on Cyborg and Mistico/Sin Cara

Jim Ross on…

About Mistico’s name change: The Mistico name is owned by the wrestling promotion CMLL in Mexico City which is why the athletes formerly known as Mistico is now known as Sin Cara. I expect Sin Cara to debut after WM27 so as to not get lost in the Wrestlemania shuffle so to speak. Right now it’s all about WM27 and not about introducing new people. Makes sense to me.

To follow up, obviously WWE wants to own the new name as well.

About WWE signing an MMA monster: Is Cris Cyborg leaving MMA/Strikeforce to migrate to WWE? Beats the hell out of me just as she would if she chose to but it is an interesting internet rumor. Seeing more athletic, hard hitting women compete in WWE is intriguing for me as a fan. Cris Cyborg is arguably the baddest women on the planet but she would need to learn better English and the art form of pro wrestling or she would run out of opposition in WWE just as she has seemingly done in MMA. Cyborg would be huge draw on a WWE event in Brazil, for example, or so I think.

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