Shameless – Episode 1-9 Review

Wow, those last few minutes were really something. My biggest issue with Shameless (the original and the remake) is that it was never real. Messy situations resolved instantly and pretty much everything kind of gets glossed over. But as “But At Last Came a Knock” shows, it doesn’t have to be that way. Shameless can aim for a pure drama approach, eschewing quick heists for thoughtful intensity.

Frank lures Monica, his ex-wife, back to town in order to get some money., leading to a reunion between her and her children. After Monica’s big black girlfriend wants to take Liam away and start their own family, Fiona explodes, fed up with her mother. It’s awe-inspiring how long Emmy Rossum keeps going with the same amount of fire, excoriating Monica for years of neglect, and at the end of the speech, she dumps the kids on Monica.

Meanwhile, Debbie does some digging around and finds Steve’s mother and his real name. She does go further, however, because Steve easily bribes her to stop looking and be quiet. The end result is that Fiona is runs into Steve’s arms after her speech, wanting to see the house Steve has for them.

Lip’s plot with Karen is still inching at snail’s pace, but their is quite big movement for Ian, as Kash finds Mickey and Ian together, and after Mickey attempts to shoplift, Kash shots Mickey in the leg.

Score: 9.2/10