True Blood Season 4 Spoilers: Will Bill Win Sookie Back Over? Witches To Join The Show

At the Paley television festival, Alan Ball confirmed some things about where the Bill and Sookie romance will go.

Ball said: “What Sookie (Anna Paquin) said to Bill (Stephen Moyer) at the end of last season, she meant it, and it’s going to take a lot from him to win her back if he ever will, and I don’t know if he ever will or not. And there are complications with Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) that she didn’t see coming, and there are complications with Alcide (Joe Manganiello) she didn’t see coming.”

He also confirmed that witches will be joining the show and won’t get along with the vampires. They will also be dabbling in “dark magic” including necromancy with powers over the dead.


Source: E! Online