10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 03.07.2011 – Austin Returns, Undertaker Speaks, Cena Dogs Rocky

Welcome ladies and gents to my 10 Thoughts on WWE RAW on a night where the Undertaker speaks, HBK speaks on the Taker/HHH (again), Austin returns, and Cole announces his Guest Referee. Well lets get into it.

1. The Undertaker promo was well done by the Deadman. It made the match seem that much more important and the No Holds Barred stipulation will make this match even better than originally. When I watched, I could’ve sworn he was going to say Hell in a Cell though. These two men are what made Hell in a Cell what it is and having them fight for possibly the last time in one would be great closure for the vets.

2. Even with the beatdown on Orton, Otunga couldn’t get the job done and that, in itself, is saddening. Three men jumped one and beat him down to the point where they had to drag him to the ring, but Otunga still couldn’t put him down for three? Tsk tsk. Well Otunga enjoy your time off with McGillicutty, but don’t fret Mason Ryan will soon be there with you.

2a. On the flip side, Orton was made to look like an unpredictable serpent looking for his next strike. The punt really should be named the Venom Injection or something Viper related.

3. It was a great surprise to see Christian on the show and even greater to see that Brodus Clay is actually going to be used on the show. Brodus was my favorite from Season 4 and he has the most potential from the group. Not a bad match between the two, but I was really hoping for a grudge match between Christian and Del Rio. Guess we’ll get that at a later time. And where was Edge to help Christian? He saves his ass, but he can’t return the favor?

4. Sin Cara is going to be a great addition to the roster, but I hope he debuts after Mania because coming now would just have him disappear in the fold fairly quickly.

5. It annoys me whenever the announcers can’t even stay interested in the match at hand. Cole with the anxious kid waiting to open his gifts on Christmas Eve almost had me yelling STFU at the tv… and not in a good way. I feel embarassed for the Divas involved in the match for dealing with a yahoo like Cole.

6. I must say the JBL announcement caught me off guard as the Special Guest Referee, but once I heard the glass shatter I knew who the real referee would be. Good thing those contracts have that ‘anyone can sign and get the priveledge’ clause right?

6a. Austin did awesome tonight and he didn’t even say all that much. But he did Stunner JBL twice, had a toast with JBL(leading to a Stunner), poured beer on Cole, and signed the contract to become the new Special Guest Referee for WrestleMania.

7. I love how Raw switches announcers mid-way through the show. This way both Cole and Jerry can announce and Matthews gets a ton of experience. Matthews is quickly becoming my favorite announcer, right behind Punk that is.

8. Sheamus admits he has a losing problem tonight and vows to avenge his loses next week by challenging Bryan to a match with his career on the line for the United States Championship. This match is interesting, but I wonder why they didn’t just move that to the Mania? I guess the E has some plans I don’t know about.

9. I was glad to see that Punk hadn’t just thrown out the Anaconda Vise. It’s nice to see wrestlers pull out an old finisher to win ala Edge on SmackDown! And the Anaconda Vise is a great move anyways.

10. Dolph is back and Vickie is fighting for her job next week against Trish. Awesome. Also where the heck was JoMo last week? What did he and Sheamus do to get on the bad side of the head honchos?

11. Cena’s ‘knock-out’ blow to Rocky really didn’t impress me and I thought that his first comeback was much better than this… just like Rock’s promos.

12. The Miz looked fantastic tonight and honestly may have just had the best promo of his life. I could feel the raw hatred coming off of him as he spoke to The Rock introducing himself in true heel fashion. Not to mention the sneak attack came out of nowhere! The People’s Elbow was a nice touch too.

13. Tough Enough is beginning to look a lot like The Miz: Awesome.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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