– Episode 2-11 Review

Stargate Universe actually had a stretch of good episodes (not just relative to the rest of the series but as television in general), so I actually like the show more than I did at the same time last year. That said, I don’t expect much for the final 10 episodes since the writers have consistently underperformed.

“Deliverance” continues where “Resurgence” left off with Destiny being attacked by the drones. The rest of the episode goes as expected. It’s dreary, slow, and not particularly tense. The Ursini commit suicide after learning the rest of their people are dead, Chloe is sent to the blue aliens’ ship and comes back normal, except she has retained some knowledge, Eli is able to reprogram the drones to fight off the other set of drones, and Destiny gets away intact.

The space battles are cool and the scenes with Scott and Chloe weren’t half bad, but the fact that they get away without much damage takes away from the tone and image of the show. Again, the momentum comes from the new elements the writers have introduced–the drones, blue aliens possibly getting information from Chloe, Chloe remembering alien knowledge–not the plot itself, and it’s just not as potent.

Score: 8.1/10