Hot Teaser: AMC’s The Killing

AMC, the basic cable destination for winning series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, is less than a month away from premiering the crime drama The Killing. The series is based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen (which in Danish means “The Crime”). While it may use that series as a “blueprint” as creator Veena Sud acknowledges, from the look of these four minutes I’m also getting a Twin Peaks sort of vibe. However, instead of the question being “Who killed Laura Palmer?” audiences will be tuning in each week to find out “Who killed Rosie Larsen?”

The series’ first season, consisting of 13 hour-long episodes, is set in Seattle, Washington, and follows the police investigation, the grieving family and the suspects, after the homicide of teenager Rosie Larsen.

Each of the 13 episodes will chronicle one day of the investigation.

The cast of the series includes Mireille Enos (Tony Award nominee and wife of actor Alan Ruck – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer and TV’s Once and Again), Michelle Forbes (Swimming with Sharks, Kalifornica) and Brent Sexton (TV’s Justified and Flightplan).

The Killing will have a two-hour premiere on April 3rd.

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