Jim Ross Talks Why Snooki is Coming to WWE, Mid-South and NXT

Jim Ross on…

The Watts Library: “The WWE does not own the UWF/Watts library but have tried to buy it on multiple occasions. I hope WWE does obtain it some day but I’m WAY out of that loop. If you want to own a piece of wrestling history you can visit the UWF website, which is ran by Bill Watts’ ex-wife and his kids @ http://www.universalwrestling.com. They do a nice job in packaging the library which has some of the best episodic, weekly, one hour TV shows ever produced in the pro wrestling genre. Yes…I’m biased but I’m not alone in that opinion.”

Mike Knox: “A Twitter follower asked me about former WWE grappler Mike Knox. I always liked Knox and felt like he had ‘something.’ I’m not sure why he was released. I haven’t heard any thing about Mike in a long while but hope that he’s healthy and happy. Nice guy with solid athleticism which is a commodity for such a big guy.”

Snooki: “Lots of old school wrestling fans are squealing like a pig stuck under a gate w/ the announcement that Jersey Shore’s Snooki will be the guest host of an upcoming Monday Night Raw. Obviously, WWE is simply trying to get her appearance noticed in outside media outlets which is timely with WM27 getting closer. It’s a PR move folks so I wouldn’t make any more of it than that. Snooki’s time on MNR likely will be of the ‘cup of coffee’ variety but will also get TMZ-like exposure that reaches non wrestling fans.”

NXT: “The new season of NXT starts this week. I hear that some changes will be made for the presentation that is on http://www.wwe.com on Tuesday nights. I liked the last ‘class’ of NXT rookies especially Johnny Curtis and Brodus Clay. Clay has the size and look of a ‘killer villain’ and he’s impressed me, as have others, in FCW.”

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