The Event – Episodes 1-11 & 1-12 Review

Hey, The Event is back. I’m sure more than a few people were surprised that it had returned, simply because people don’t talk about it anymore. Back when it premiered, NBC ran promos all the time and people were genuinely interested, indicated by the solid ratings for the pilot. Quickly, however, the enthusiasm dropped and now it’s almost a sure cancellation. So what went wrong?

To me, the biggest problem was how the plot could be incredible one week, with twists everywhere, and then nothing the next week. But even if the plot isn’t always good, the characters can still maintain the quality of the show. Lost is a great example since the mythology kind of fell apart in the very end and we still cared enough about the characters to love it. Unfortunately, between the flashbacks and boring conversations, the characters of The Event never came to life and the show became entirely dependent on plot, which as mentioned before, fluctuated greatly.

“And Then There Were More” and “Inostranka” aren’t bad since they pretty exciting stuff, but it still feels like The Event of the first 10 episodes. Thomas’s break in of Inostranka and rescue of his fellow aliens while killing Sophia’s supporters is awesome, pushing the limits of the plot. The struggle between Blake and Thomas is very cool, with Clifton Collins, Jr. and Ċ½eljko Ivanek delivering strong performances. At the same time, the idea of Thomas wanting to bring more aliens to Earth is quite appealing. As always, the aliens are the best thing about the show.

On the other hand, nothing else really sticks out. Sean and Leila are as bland and uninvolved as ever (the writers not revealing what’s going on definitely hurts them since we don’t know their significance to the big picture) and the introduction of Senator Lewis (Virginia Madsen) leads to cliched discussion of principles. Hopefully this will improve over time, and if not, hopefully the plot maintains the same energy in has in tonight’s two episodes.

Score: 8.6/10