Warner Bros. Begins Offering Movies Digitally on Facebook

Media is becoming less and less tangible. It seems like only yesterday when DVDs dominated the market place when it came to home video. But with the advent of digital copies and being able to take your movie wherever you go, it gives consumers some versatility with how they watch movies.

Netflix and OnDemand streaming has further allowed people to have instant access to thousands of titles without leaving the comfort of their homes.

In a move that will put a smile on Mark Zuckerberg’s face is the announcement that Warner Bros. is the first studio to offer movies directly on Facebook. In the coming months, Warner Bros. plans to roll out additional titles.

Though not everyone is a happy camper. With yesterday’s announcement Netflix stocks suffered a minor drop.

But is there a substantial enough audience interested in digitally renting a title like The Dark Knight? If it is found to be successful, Warner Bros. could very well start a domino effect with other studios looking to cash in on having its titles available through Facebook.

If you are a friend of The Dark Knight you can go to its official Facebook page (located here) and rent the film by applying your Facebook Credits. The cost per rental is 30 Facebook Credits, or $3.

Viewers will have 48 hours from the purchase to watch the movie, which can be viewed full screen and also paused and resumed within that period. While watching the movie, consumers will also have full Facebook functionality, including the ability to post comments, interact with friends and update their status.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter