10 Thoughts On… Survivor Redemption Island Episode 4 Review

1. That was Boston Rob’s greatest single-episode performance of all-time. This episode was completely his story which is ironic considering it was Russell’s last episode but I think that speaks volumes about the season at large.

2. Phillip is a one-in-a-million casting find. For everyone who argues about applicants vs. recruits, Phillip is single-handedly proving that the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the special agent.

3. People have been asking me if I think that Matt wins. I do not believe so. The edit leads me to believe that he will have a nice run on Redemption Island. But his fate is tied to Andrea and Boston Rob’s. And in either scenario, I am not picking Matt.

4. I can’t tell if I like Natalie because she is Boston Rob’s most loyal supporter or because she is hot. I think it is a little bit of both.

5. For all the people who claim James Clement and Erik Reichenbach made the dumbest moves in Survivor history, Ralph just moved them up the list. Showing Phillip and Kristina the immunity idol that he meant to only show Russell was absolutely disasterous.

6. The only move that was almost as bad was Phillip immediately running off to tell Rob.

7. Boston Rob found the hidden immunity idol. First time ever. This is like James Bond getting another gun. Who can stop this guy?

8. I am liking Grant a little more after this episode. Not sure why. I think it is just because he is Ometepe’s only muscle.

9. I LOVE Stephanie. My favorite on Zapatera right now. Adore her. It’s badass that she is still talking smack to her tribe even with Russell not there. That’s ballsy. While it probably isn’t the smartest move in the game, it makes her quite memorable.

10. Mike and Steve’s need to sing Kumbaya everyday and pretend everyone is getting along is actually starting to sicken me.