Glee – Episode 2-15 Review

What does the word sexy mean to you? This week’s Glee episode, titled “Sexy,” throws out a bazillion ideas of sex and sexy, and it turns into a confusing mess. At times, the episode seems to be about the technical details about sex and how the kids in the glee club are clueless. If that’s the case, chain them down to a chair and put Wikipedia in front of them.

The episode also veers off into the territory of how to be sexy, with Kurt trying to put on different faces. But then it becomes about Kurt not knowing anything about how to be sexy because he doesn’t know anything about sex and refuses to learn anything about it. Somehow, people can’t be sexy until they know about sex.

The rest of the episode deals with feelings about love/sex. Santana has several solid scenes in which she tells Brittany she loves her. However, Brittany is still loyal to Artie, which is a problem. The return of Holly Holiday and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ongoing quest to become a real singer brings back the love triangle between Emma, Will, Carl, and it becomes a quadrangle at the end of the episode with the addition of Holly.

Score: 8.2/10